Our 2018 February students of the month are up!

Lexi Rowan, Sarah Wayland, and  Avery Van Roy

Lexi Rowan: Lexie has been a part of Morning Side since the beginning. She has grown so much in the last year! We are so proud of her milestones and can’t believe how she has grown as a rider. Her willingness to learn and her courage to ride wins her student of the month! lexi we love you! Keep up your hard work!

Sarah Wayland: Sarah has the best attitude no matter what situation is thrown at her. She is always ready to help, tacking up horses and doing odd jobs around the ring. She challenged herself at the last show and doesn’t just take the easy way out! Keep up the good work and keep pushing yourself to the limits!!

Avery Van Roy: From day one Avery has shown the utmost dedication and her desire to expand her knowledge both in the saddle and on the ground is truly commendable. Her ability to perform beautifully under pressure or nerves shined through as she successfully competed in her first off property show last month. We feel incredibly lucky to call Avery our student and all of Morning Side cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings for her!