Morning Side Stables is excited to announce that we will be starting the first of our theory lessons on March 22! In addition to classroom learning, we will also be working hands on with the horses. We are offering two sessions, one from 4-5 and one from 530-630. Tuesday and Wednesday students are also welcome to come! The 4-5 session will be geared towards younger/newer students. If your child doesn’t know how to tack up yet or still needs assistance in that area, please sign them up for that one!! The 530-630 session will be for riders that are already 100% comfortable tacking a horse on their own and we will be exploring more advanced topics. Reminder, theory lessons are just as important as mounted lessons so attendance is mandatory! Please make sure your kid brings a notebook and pen/pencil and let me know if you have any questions. Please contact us with the session your child will be attending. Looking forward to starting this new chapter with you all!!!